North Edge Aqua Diving Watch

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1. Time display function, display time, minute, second, month, day,
week, 12/24H, initial value is(2020-1-01 12:00 00 WED )
2. Alarm function
3. Countdown function, the initial value of (0:00.00,12:00(0FF)
4. Stopwatch function, the initial value is (0:00’000, (0FF)
5. Step counting, exercise time, pace, mileage, calories consumption
6. Altitude, relative altitude
7. Air pressure curve, air pressure, air pressure curve view (24H)
8. Exercise time record, movement relative height view.
9. Scuba diving Mode, NDL time, depth,Temperature,diving speed.
10.Free diving Mode
11. Diving log (99 records)
12. Compass calibration function
13. Low-power reminder
14. Backlight function
15. 4 key functions
16. Use the Battery CR2450